Thermal Conductivity
Calorimeter Chips

XEN-5320 gas sensing solutions

The XEN-5320 is an intelligent thermal conductivity sensor. The sensor determines the gas composition by measuring the temperature elevation of a micro machined heater element. For each binary gas mixture the ratio of temperature increase to heating power is dependent on the mix ratio. For enhanced accuracy, the correction is made for ambient temperature and humidity. Applications include hydrogen and helium gas experimentation, detection of gas dispersion rates in jets and plumes and binary gas composition measurement.

Examples of gasses which can be measured with the XEN-5320 sensor:

Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Methane and Neon.

Thermal Conductivity Gauge

Thermal Conductivity Gauges can be used to measure the thermal conductivity of the surrounding gas. Operating on the principle that gases differ in their thermal conductivity, it can be used to measure gas concentration in binary mixture or quasi-binary mixture where component gases have different thermal conductivity. It can also be used as a Pirani gauge to measure pressure in vacuum systems.

Calorimeter Chips

Our Calorimeter chips are designed for measurements on small samples with high temperature scanning rate. The sensors have single or dual ultra-thin silicon-nitride membranes, which are characterized by a high thermal resistance to the ambient and a very small time constant. This makes these sensors particularly suited for measurements in gaseous environments and for fast measurements, such as Fast Scanning Calorimetry.